Singing for breathing

Inspiring singing! Using singing to manage breathlessness and respiratory illness


Singing for respiratory health is an exciting area which is being increasingly researched. One main outcome of this singing for breathing group is its contribution to this field of study.


Sophie, our group facilitator, is a PhD student at the University of Glasgow where she is researching the social, health and wellbeing impacts that singing has in the lives of individuals and for Glasgow’s diverse communities.

It is Sophie’s hope that if you join the singing for breathing group that you might like to opt in to be a part of her study. She will provide any information you need and will only be conducting research with permission of the group’s members.  You can be as much or as little involved in the research as you like and you are in no way obligated to be part of the research if you join the group. Participating will likely include a chat about your experience of breathlessness and what singing in the group means to you, although Sophie will likely be shaping her research methods as the group progresses.  She will ask you in person if you would like to participate but if you have any questions regarding participation please don’t hesitate to contact her at .

Sophie has trained as a singing for breathing facilitator through Edinburgh’s highly successful Cheyne Gang and would like to thank them kindly for their on going support.

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